4 Types of Home Additions We Can Build

Many homeowners absolutely love the home they live in but they also could use some extra space. Perhaps your home only has one bathroom and you’d like to add a second. Maybe you need a bigger garage so you can store your tools and yard equipment. Whatever your reasons, the team at DJL Builders Inc can make these wishes a reality for your Canton area home. 

4 Types of Home Additions We Can Build

1. Home Office

With many people now working from home, you may find yourself in a situation where you need a dedicated home office rather than your dining room table. A home office can provide the separate space you need to work quietly and efficiently. Plus, you may have sensitive information that needs to remain confidential, and this space can provide privacy as well.

2. Garage

Have you always dreamed of having a place for a home workshop or for storing your seasonal and outdoor gear? A garage can be more than a place to keep your vehicle safe and dry overnight. If you enjoy completing DIY projects, you can safely and securely store all of your tools and machinery here. If you have to stuff your patio furniture, bicycles, and garden decor in a small shed every year, the right garage can store all of this for you, too.

3. Extra Bathroom

There are not many new homes built these days with only one bathroom. If your home is older but it lacks an extra bathroom, our team can build a second bathroom that suits your needs. Maybe you need an extra bathroom for relatives when they’re visiting. Perhaps you’d like a master bathroom. Whatever you’d like, we are more than up to the task. 

4. Walk-in Pantry

Any home cook knows the importance of having all the tools and ingredients on hand and within easy reach. A walk-in pantry is perfect for storing extra pots and pans, small kitchen appliances, and food as well. Not only does it provide all the room you need to keep your family fed, but it also makes it easy to find exactly what you need, when you need it.

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