Maximize Your Storage Solutions with a Whole Home Remodel

Remodeling your whole home is the perfect opportunity to update your storage options in each room and maximize your available space. Some simple solutions will help you keep your home organized while enhancing its visual appeal. At DJL Builders Inc., we offer complete home renovations with the help of our in-house design team to help you create a more functional space that’s aesthetically pleasing. Let’s explore some innovative storage solutions to incorporate into your home remodel.

Whole Home Remodeling

Kitchen Storage Solutions

Many innovative storage solutions for newly remodeled kitchens go beyond basic cabinetry. You can make the most of your space with pull-out cabinet shelves, lazy Susans, or open shelving attached to the ends of your cabinets. We can design strategically concealed small appliance storage nooks on your countertops to keep the tools you want tucked away but easily accessible. One of the most effective solutions for kitchen storage is to redesign your existing pantry into a larger, more functional space. 

Bathroom Storage Solutions

Many homeowners are opting for cabinetry above bathroom vanities in addition to below, typically between two mirrors with a double sink. Our experts can design built-in niches on your shower wall to provide convenient storage for toiletries or install floating shelves above your toilet. We specialize in unique bathroom renovations designed specifically to accommodate your family’s needs and wishes. Let us put together a plan to add more storage space to your bathroom.

Living Room Storage Solutions

You can create more storage in your living room area in a few different ways. Custom built-in bookshelves or shelving with cabinets around your TV or fireplace will enhance the look of your room and provide some options to store and display your personal items. Another option is to hang floating shelves on your wall to display decorative items or photographs. You can get creative with your furniture to include hidden or built-in storage options, such as storage ottomans and benches, coffee tables, and sofas with hidden compartments to hide clutter.

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With over 25 years of construction experience, the skilled team at DJL Builders can provide a complete interior overhaul that will transform your current home into one that better meets your needs. This is ideal if you love your neighborhood and don’t want to go through the trouble and expense of moving. Contact us today at (734) 259-5355 for more information about us or to request your consultation. We serve homeowners in Plymouth, Novi, Northville, Canton, Livonia, and surrounding Michigan communities.