3 Clever Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

If there’s any room in the house that tends to get cluttered quickly, it’s the kitchen. There are the usual dishes in the sink, food containers on the counters, and pots and pans on the stove. Once these things are put away, you still have to deal with the unopened mail, backpacks, and jackets that get dumped there, plus that clean load of laundry you’ve been meaning to fold all week. All of this, and more, can make your kitchen seem small and cramped. Open up your eating space and feel more comfortable in your kitchen with these three clever methods recommended by DJL Builders Inc

3 Clever Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

1. Mirror Backsplash

Mirrors in living rooms and bedrooms can make these spaces feel larger. They can do the same thing for small kitchens, too. Adding a mirrored tile backsplash is a strategic way to make your kitchen look bigger. Consider using tinted glass for a subtle, yet striking, upgrade.

2. Panel Appliances

Sometimes, large appliances can give kitchens that tight, confined feeling. Create the seamless, spacious vibe you’re looking for with panel-ready appliances. Refrigerator and dishwasher doors can be designed so panels matching your cabinetry can be installed on them. It’s also an affordable upgrade that can make your kitchen look and feel more cohesive.

3. Glass Cabinet Doors

Just as mirrors can make a space seem bigger, so can glass cabinet doors. This inexpensive solution only requires that you switch out cabinet fronts and replace them with glass inserts. Choose clear glass where you can display your drinkware, dishes, and serving bowls, or opt for frosted glass that provides an opaque look while still keeping dishes and food behind closed doors.

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