What Is Included in Whole Home Remodeling?

Are you trying to decide between selling your home and taking on an entire whole home remodeling project? Both options may seem overwhelming, but remodeling your home can increase its value and give you the extra space you need, especially when you hire a professional like DJL Builders Inc. We have years of experience working with Canton residents, transforming their homes into spaces they can enjoy for years. Keep reading to learn more about what is included in whole home remodeling.

What Is Included in Whole Home Remodeling?

Hire a Trusted Contractor

If you have a background in construction and are a skilled DIY enthusiast, you may be more than ready to take on the role of a home remodeling contractor. Otherwise, we highly recommend hiring a trusted and reliable contractor equipped to handle the entire remodeling process, including administrative details such as maintaining project schedules, collecting permits, ordering materials, and meeting with inspectors. 

Design Your New Floor Plan

Consider hiring a professional contractor that offers in-house design. At DJL Builders Inc., we provide design services that include these three steps:

  • Consultation: We evaluate your space and discuss your wants, needs, likes, and dislikes, as well as discuss your estimated project budget.
  • Written Proposal and Budget: All that was discussed during the consultation is presented in a written proposal with a detailed labor and construction budget.
  • Project Development Agreement: Once a final written proposal and budget are accepted, we finalize measurements and designs, select new products like flooring or cabinets, and perform other related tasks.

Begin Home Remodel

With a signed Project Development Agreement, we begin remodeling your Canton home. This portion of your home remodel can include various construction projects, depending on the specific areas to be remodeled. A few examples include:

  • Exterior changes: Install new siding, build a wood deck, add a front porch or all-season room, install a patio area, and build an outdoor kitchen.
  • Interior changes: Change room dimensions, install drywall, remodel kitchens, add additional bathrooms, replace windows, install new flooring, and update plumbing, electrical, or HVAC.

Enjoy Your New Space

The last step in your home’s remodeling project is to enjoy your new space. Call us today at (734) 259-5355 to request a consultation. We provide basement finishing, home additions, and custom home remodeling in Canton and surrounding areas.

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