When Should You Consider Whole Home Remodeling?

Not everyone likes the idea of selling their house and buying a new one. There are home inspections to handle, real estate deals to manage, and then, of course, all the packing and moving you’ll need to supervise. 

Whole-home remodeling is the ideal solution for those who wish to remain in their house. Maybe you need to seriously upgrade the electricity so you can renovate your kitchen, or you want to update the plumbing so you can add a guest room and bathroom in the basement. If you want to remain in your home and make some improvements, DJL Builders Inc. is exactly who you need. We have the experience and expertise necessary for remodeling your Northville home.

When Should You Consider Whole Home Remodeling?

Solid Structure

If you already have a home that has good, strong bones and a solid foundation, you may not want to sell and start all over with a new house. We are experts at working with homes that need a major overhaul. Our in-house design team will sit down with you and work out a new floor plan, or design added upgrades that will keep you in the same home for several more decades.

Good Neighborhood

Another reason people consider whole home remodeling for their Northville home is because they wish to stay in the same neighborhood. If you have fantastic neighbors or live in a great school district, you may not want to take the chance that you’ll find another home in the same neighborhood. Whole-home renovations mean you get a new home and you can remain in the same great neighborhood you’ve been a part of for years.

Functional Improvements

Do you thoroughly enjoy your home but would like to make some significant improvements? Maybe your family has grown and you’d like to add a bedroom or two. Perhaps you want to design a home office in the basement, expand the kitchen, or add a master bathroom. Whatever your wishes for your home, we can perform several improvements and upgrades creating a new space for you and your family.

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