The Difference between Remodeling and Renovating

Home remodeling and home renovations are used interchangeably when talking about making any upgrades to a home’s interior. While they are very similar to each other, there are a few differences that may be helpful when it comes to deciding the type of interior changes you’d like. DJL Builders Inc. has years of experience with both home remodeling and home renovations. Keep reading below to learn more about the differences and benefits of renovating and remodeling your Northville home.

The Difference Between Remodeling and Renovating

Home Renovations

Home renovations involve updating a home’s style, character, and atmosphere, without changing the original purpose of the rooms being upgraded. This means that repairs and updates are made but there are no structural changes. Typical kitchen renovations may include updating cabinetry, installing new flooring, and painting the walls, but when it’s completed it still remains a kitchen. 

Home Remodeling

Home remodeling occurs when the overall design and structure of a particular room or the entire home are altered. Many homeowners choose to remodel so they can change the layout of their homes and incorporate a design that functions well for their families. An example of home remodeling is when a homeowner is transforming their basement into a home gym or a large family room. They may want to increase the size of their kitchen in order to add more cabinets, large appliances, and a large dine-in kitchen island.

Benefits of Both

While there are slight differences between home remodeling and home renovating, there are also different benefits to both of these services.

  • Renovating may or may not require a permit as only surface changes are being made, whereas remodeling most likely will because the actual structure of the home is being changed. 
  • Remodeling requires licensed professionals, especially when making structural changes like rewiring the kitchen or installing plumbing for a new bathroom.
  • Renovating is usually more DIY-friendly as most homeowners can paint walls, replace door knobs, install new faucets, and do other similar tasks.
  • Home remodeling is off-limits if a home is on the historic register, as the home’s original purpose cannot be altered.

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