Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning, to most it is enjoyable. It’s officially out with the winter doom and gloom and in with freshness and cleanliness. The inside of your home is ready for spring but what about the outside? Here’s our little list to make sure the outside of your home is ready for spring as well.

  1. ROOF. Michigan winters are unusual and can be hard on your roof. Now that the weather is starting to warm up you should check on your roof to make sure there isn’t any unwanted debris and you’re not missing any shingles. It is also a good time to check on your chimney and make sure it’s in good working condition as well.
  2. GUTTERS. Cleaning gutters isn’t anyone’s favorite thing to do but it’s essential. Make sure your gutters are clear of debris and any blockages. Check to ensure your gutters are draining how they’re suppose too.
  3. SIDING. Your siding is another place that takes a beating through the seasons. It is always good to check to make sure your siding is holding up against the elements and you’re not missing anything. Power washing your siding is good to keep your siding looking nice.
  4. WINDOWS. When cleaning your windows, you want to look and see if there are signs of water damage, rot or any moisture inside your windows. Don’t forget to examine your screens for any rips or holes.
  5. OUTSIDE FAUCETS. Turn your faucet on and make sure the water pressure is good. If there’s low water pressure it could be an indication of a leak. If that’s the case, turn the water off and call your local plumber.

Hopefully with these tips, your home is now ready for spring from the inside out!