Incorporate These High-Tech Ideas in Your Next Kitchen Remodel

If you’re planning to renovate your Novi kitchen, consider adding some modern, high-tech features. From virtual assistant devices to touch-activated appliances to appliances you can activate with a smartphone app, there are several features available. At DJL Builders Inc., we are more than happy to talk about the various contemporary elements you can include in a kitchen remodel. Below are four of the most common modern features we see in new kitchen designs.

Incorporate These High-Tech Ideas in Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Virtual Assistant Devices

If you don’t already have a Google Home or Alexa device in your kitchen, you are missing out. These virtual assistant devices can help with kitchen tasks such as setting timers, accessing recipes, searching Google for cooking tips hands-free, and much more. You can even stream your favorite show or ask Alexa to play your favorite podcast while baking or cooking.

Charging Stations

The kitchen is the hub of the home and what better place to have a charging station than this room? When designing cabinets for your kitchen renovation, ask your designer to install a charging drawer. Not only can they install a drawer for storing your devices, but they can add outlets so you can easily charge them without constantly looking for a charging cord.

Touch-Activated Faucets

Once you have touch-activated faucets installed in your kitchen you will never go back. You can turn the water off and on simply with a touch of your hand, wrist, arm, or elbow. They’re very helpful when you are cutting up chicken or slicing pork and you need to wash your hands. You’ll be able to safely wash your hands without touching the faucet and getting germs all over it.

High-Tech Kitchen Appliances

It’s simply amazing how appliances have changed over the years. Many new models include several digital enhancements that will make your life so much easier. There are refrigerators that include a touchscreen and are compatible with Alexa or Google Home, stoves you can turn on and off with a smartphone app, and trashcans you can open with a wave of your hand. 

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