Bathroom Do’s

One of the highest trafficked areas in your home is your bathroom. When you’re designing, and remodeling your bathroom here are a few Doughs to try and keep in mind.

  1. Bathroom Doughs
  2. Select bath-appropriate products. Keep in mind your bathroom can get pretty humid.
  3. Improve the ventilation system. This will help keep the moisture down and mold from taking over.
  4. Proper amount of storage. Not everything needs to be on display.
  5. Reducing your water intake. It’s not only good for your water bill but the environment as well.
  6. Quality faucets. When deciding on faucets, pick what would be the most adequate for you.
  7. A balance of light and natural light. Your designer can help you with this so your bathroom aren’t in the dark.
  8. Hide the toilet. Your toilet shouldn’t be the center piece.

Keep these bathroom tips in mind when you’re planning your next bathroom remodel. Looking to remodel your bathroom now? Have us help you design and remodel your bathroom. Click the link below and contact us today so you can fall in love with your bathroom all over again.