6 Valuable Tips for Renovating Your Basement (Part 2)

If you’re looking for helpful tips when renovating your basement, you’ve come to the right place. DJL Builders Inc. has been finishing basements in Northville since 1995. We can help with both the design and construction of your new living space. Maximize your new basement by following the tips below. Be sure to also check last week’s blog article for more valuable tips.

6 Valuable Tips for Renovating Your Basement (Part 2)

4. Seal Gaps in Walls or Ceiling

If you should experience a fire in your basement, one of the best ways to prevent it from spreading to the rest of the house is by sealing holes and openings in the walls or ceiling. Close up small cracks around pipes and wires with high-temperature silicone caulk. Large openings can be filled with flame-resistant expanding foam. Bigger gaps and openings, like around chimney flues, can be secured by nailing sheet metal over them and sealing them with caulk. These precautions will also save energy and prevent sound from lingering upstairs.

5. Reduce Noise Transfer with Insulation

When you want a quiet basement, consider adding fiberglass insulation to the joist spaces. We recommend installing about a 3 ½ inch layer of batting. Another way to reduce noise from transferring to the basement is by building a drop ceiling beneath the existing ceiling. Also called a floating ceiling, this will greatly reduce any sound transference from downstairs to upstairs. 

6. Add a Variety of Lighting & Warm Colors

Make your new basement space comfortable and relaxing with different types of lighting and warm, peaceful colors. General lighting choices include recessed lights, ceiling fixtures, and fluorescent pillow lights. We suggest adding dimmer switches in order to control the amount of light in the basement. Warm paint colors are inviting and cozy. Consider a variety of colors in the red, orange, and yellow family. 

Expert Basement Finishing in Northville

Whether you need help with your entire basement finishing project or only a few steps, request a consultation today from DJL by calling (734) 259-5355. We perform other renovation projects such as kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, whole home remodeling, home additions, and custom home building.

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