5 Ways to Upgrade Your Master Bathroom from Modest to Luxurious

You may be at a point in your life where your master bathroom could use a serious update. Perhaps you and your spouse are new empty nesters and it’s time to finally upgrade your master bathroom. Maybe you’ve moved to a new home and your main bathroom could use a contemporary makeover. Whatever your wishes are for your master bathroom, the team at DJL Builders Inc. is up to the challenge. Consider remodeling your bathroom by adding these five luxurious upgrades.

5 Ways to Upgrade Your Master Bathroom from Modest to Luxurious

1. Glass Walk-In Shower

Large glass walk-in showers are the epitome of luxury. There’s plenty of room to move and bend, without bumping into the side of the shower or knocking down shampoo and body wash bottles. Plus, there are no worries about falling or tripping over the shower edge as there is no edge to trip over!

2. Shower Bench

While you’re treating yourself to a spa-like shower, be sure to add a shower bench in your new glass shower. Maybe you’ve had a difficult day at work and you’d like nothing more than to sit in your relaxing shower while the hot water washes away the day’s dirt and grime. 

3. Free-Standing Tub

For the ultimate peaceful experience, add a free-standing tub to your master bathroom. Soak in this deep tub with or without bubbles, turn on your favorite music, and enjoy a quiet evening in your newly upgraded bathroom.

4. Heated Floors

When you step out of the walk-in shower or free-standing tub, wouldn’t it be amazing to step onto a warm, heated floor? If your bathroom has ceramic tile or natural stone flooring, this can be a welcome luxury at the end of a long day or when waking up to that morning alarm clock.

5. Storage Galore

Something you never hear most homeowners complain about is having too much storage in their master bathroom. It’s usually quite the opposite. Maybe you need cabinet space for beauty products or medications, or you’d like some unique shelving to store towels. Try mixing it up with a variety of storage solutions from freestanding shelves, open storage on the wall, or a large organized linen closet.

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