4 Practical Ideas for Your Next Basement Renovation

Are you considering an update to your Plymouth area home? What about a complete redesign of your basement? If you’d like to add some more space to your home, whether it’s a home office, family room, guest room, or game room, the expert design and construction team at DJL Builders Inc. can make your basement remodel dreams a reality.

4 Practical Ideas for Your Next Basement Renovation

1. Home Office

With many people working from home these days, a home office can be a very practical use of your basement space. First, you’ll have a completely separate space from the rest of the house, so you can work in quiet and in private with no distractions around you. Second, you can store sensitive material in your new home office without fear of others in the home accidentally viewing it.

2. Family Room

Do you have teenagers in your home? A family room can provide a private space for them to hang out with their friends, while allowing you to still keep an eye on them. You can add a few couches down there, a game system, a television, and maybe even install some wall shelves to store board games and other items.

3. Guest Room

If you enjoy having family and friends visit but really have no place for them to stay, consider refinishing your basement into a guest bedroom and bathroom. Our team can easily design an area that is comfortable and private for any guests who stay at your home.

4. Game Room

Do you have visions of entertaining friends or family? Would you like to have a completely separate area that’s specifically designed for amusement or relaxation? Turn your basement into a game room for all to enjoy. We can design the room so you can include an entertainment system, large television, a pool table, a ping pong table, and even add a small kitchenette or bar area to keep the fun going.

Complete Basement Finishing Services

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