3 Areas to Consider When Adding a New Home Office

Adding a home office is a wise investment, especially with more individuals choosing to work remotely. A dedicated workspace can also add value and appeal to potential buyers if you decide to sell your home in the future. At DJL Builders Inc., we recommend considering these three areas when adding a new home office to your Livonia home.

3 Areas to Consider When Adding a New Home Office

1. Purpose

Before plans are drawn and the first wall goes up, it’s important to decide the purpose of your new home office. Will you be sharing this space with a spouse who also works from home? Do your kids need a dedicated work area to do their homework without distraction? Would you like a home office that can double as a craft room or guest room? These questions will greatly influence your home office design which should be built according to the unique needs of you and your family.  

2. Design

When adding an office room addition to your Livonia home, the design possibilities are truly endless. Our experienced design team can take almost any idea and create the work-from-home space you need. Whether you want a work area that gets those creative juices flowing or you prefer a more functional and practical space, there’s not much we can’t incorporate into the design. Consider some of the ideas below:

  • Traditional office with built-in shelving
  • Personal office space in a finished basement
  • Outdoor shed converted into a study
  • Attic addition that doubles as a family room
  • Minimalist-style office with modern furniture

3. Features

Features included in your new space should be specific to your work-from-home needs as well as your lifestyle. We are more than happy to offer suggestions that can make your workspace comfortable and relaxed as well as provide a functional area that will help you be productive. Take a look at some of these common work-from-home features:

  • Extra storage like cabinetry and shelving
  • Several windows for natural light
  • Wall calendar, whiteboard, and other planning tools
  • Favorite painting or collectibles
  • Comfortable armchair, throw blanket, and white noise machine

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