One of the most exciting parts of taking on a Southeast Michigan basement remodeling project would be all of the incredible options you have to transform that space.  Guest bedroom, family room, bar, game room, man cave, the options are limitless!  Especially if this is a bonus room for your home, we can truly craft something so personal to yourself, your family, and your guests.  If function is necessary for your basement, let us help you utilize this area in the most efficient way possible. 

At DJL Builders, Inc. we have experience with all sorts of transformations for finishing or updating a basement. One thing is for certain, it will never look the same again.  Not to mention that finished basements add huge value to your home, so even if you're considering resale, making your basement an extension of your house will more than pay off.

Maybe you aren't even sure what you would like to do with this room, or are looking for a place to start.  At DJL Builders, we have more than enough experience to help guide you through the process and offer suggestions if necessary.  We can use our creative vision and problem solving to help you decide a proper focal point for this great area of your home.

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